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Press Kit


Game Name: Bibots

Developer: Square Squid

Platform: PC

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Game Website:





Bibots is a top down shooter roguelite with an emphasis on bullet hell action. Switch between two characters, explore and clear areas full of monsters, unlock abilities, customize your characters, die, learn and retry to save the world.


Switch Characters:
Choose the Bibot who will support Tayar in his adventure to save the world.
You will be able to switch characters and unleash your Bibot’s devastating power in order to
defeat the most powerful enemies and protect Tayar at the most critical moments.
Every Bibot that you can play has his characteristics and specialization, try them all and pick
your favorite according to your own play style.

Create your gun:
Equip your Bibot with chips that you will find while exploring.
Experiment and combine their effects to modify his attacks and create the weapons of your
dreams with countless possibilities and powerful synergies.

Accumulate experience during your fights to improve Tayar's skills. Make it a survivalist, a
soldier, a scientist or mix it all up. Each branch grants you access to permanent passives
upgrading a wide range of skills and offering you new possibilities to enhance the synergy
between Tayar and his Bibot.

Built for speedrunners:
Bibot is made for all types of players, but we have taken the time to create features and
game mechanics thoughts for speedrunners.
We keep track of your current run time and you can see it any time while you play. The
faster you cross the levels, the more you will be rewarded with bonuses corresponding to
your fast play style.
You can directly influence the timer by summoning your Bibot and stop the flow of time, you
will therefore have to switch your characters intelligently to prevent time from running out
and unlock a maximum number of rewards

Gameplay video


Bibots 2021-02-12 12-53-25-75.png
Bibots 2021-02-12 12-53-05-77.png
Bibots 20.png
Bibots 18.png
Bibots 07.png
Bibots 06.png
Bibots 13.png
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About us

Venture into a rich and evolving universe in which you will have a fun and rewarding experience. Be an actor of the universe and join a community that resembles you to exchange with.

Each of our game is unique and all of them contribute to expand our universe.

We are a team of three people forming a young studio in development. The Square Squid team evolves within the Nouvelle Forge in Haut-de-France in France. We are rich from our experiences in various game development companies in France and North America such as Ankama, SpearHead Games and Gameloft. And our studies at ISART Digital Montréal.

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